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About Us

In early 1933, Miss Lillian Virginia Hope invited ten other college women, from her community in New Jersey, into her home to discuss creating a community based organization for college women. Originally called "The Fanwood College Women's Club", they held their first meeting on March 13, 1933 and established objectives that have effectively remained unchanged throughout the years:

  1. To increase the interest of young women in attending college.
  2. To develop a scholarship fund.
  3. To enjoy the camaraderie of an interesting group of women.

While the objectives have remained the same, the name was modified in 1977 to "The College Club of Fanwood-Scotch Plains", to incorporate and reflect the communities which it serves.

Members: 55 Active; 23 Sustainer
Executive Board (Officers)
Number of women receiving scholarships annually: Approximately 11
Annual amount of scholarships awarded: Approximately $28,000
Amount of scholarships awarded since inception (unadjusted for inflation): Approximately $600,000
Primary fundraisers: Community Date Calendar and Annual Spring Luncheon (Fundraisers)

View our past presidents here: Past Presidents

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